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Corporate Social Responsibility

Striving for Sustainable Development

At NNR we believe that a corporation exists to benefit society. For a company to be granted the right to conduct business within society, it is a prerequisite that the result of those business activities is not limited to only financial profit, but also to benefit society as a whole. In addition to relationships with customers, employees, and shareholders, NNR has built favorable relationships between a variety of stakeholders. We give back to society by providing beneficial products and services, and during that process we create employment opportunities and profit. The role that our corporation must fulfill in today's society is varied and diverse.

We must constantly ensure that we are correctly fulfilling our responsibility and duty in the three aspects which are referred to as the triple bottom line: economy, society, and environment. Simultaneously, we must realize our duty to conduct fair and clear management, and to fulfill the responsibility to disclose all information regarding the process and results of our operations. These responsibilities and duties serve as a measure of the value of corporations today, and are the core philosophies of our CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. Furthermore, our businesses are in close contact with the local community, thus making trust from society essential to the continued existence of our corporation. We always have firmly in mind the importance of responding to the needs of our customers and society, and of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities.

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