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3rd Party Logistics

Professional and Dependable Logistics Management

NNR's global logistics management services increase supply chain efficiency. We combine advanced software, cutting-edge facilities and the expertise of our people at every location to provide a system that fulfills the greatest supply chain challenges.

  • Global Logistics Management - NNR's PowerNET platform provides a sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) that is used by NNR distribution centers around the world. This gives customers a global view of their supply chain in real-time. Our WMS module was built from the ground up to integrate with order management capibilities and our global freight management applications.
  • World Class Distribution Centers - NNR has a global network of distribution centers where we offer services ranging from basic storage, to pick and pack, to full supply chain management solutions. Our experienced staff can provide value-added services like kitting, compliance labeling, repacking and many other customized solutions.
  • Pick and Pack - NNR can select a variety of items for distribution to the end-user. Our warehouse locator system enables stock checking & reporting at the push of a button. Packing may be completed on our premises or specialized packing can be done at your site.
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